Opening a can of worms

I guess I opened the proverbial can of worms when I wrote about some unhappy spies doubling as VeriSign customers.

Amber is mad at her brother-in-law because she wants to plan a surprise party for her twin sister, and he is not cooperating. "Amber, he is her husband," I offered as devil's advocate. "Why do you always side with him, anyway?" Amber attacked.

Not very nice

I guess I opened the proverbial can of worms when I wrote about some unhappy spies doubling as VeriSign customers. More spies told me that even VeriSign's partners are unhappy with the way it conducts business, and VeriSign is getting a reputation after numerous attempts to go around partners and sign up those partners' customers directly.

Apparently VeriSign is contacting partners' customers, telling them there is no record of them renewing domain names, and that there are "unscrupulous people waiting to scoop up unrenewed domains". The thing is, when my spy called his VeriSign reseller, the reseller said the domain was renewed a month before the VeriSign letter appeared.

A different spy said that when he tried to obtain a simple security certificate for a client's web site, the administrative contact VeriSign listed was a woman whom he later discovered had left the company years ago. It took this spy a couple months and a notarised document, only to find that VeriSign went right around him and straight to his client. And, of course, no supervisors were available to tell him why.

Sittin' here in limbo

Another spy reported that when he tried to apply Microsoft's SR-2 patch to soothe a hanging issue that occurred when reading a Word97 document with Word 2000, the patch created an even bigger problem: it prevents him from uninstalling Office 2000 or from even reinstalling it. My spy blamed it on "Windows Installer" and "patch package". Making matters worse, the only advice Gateway support offered was for my spy to reformat his C: drive and reinstall everything.

The missing letter N

It seems the marketing folks over at Novell helped themselves to a turn of phrase that I used: "brought to you by the letter N". I first used it to crack the case of Sesame Street being a Novell customer and, lo and behold, a Novell press release issued to proclaim that Sesame is using Novell products was titled, "At Sesame Workshop, eBusiness is Brought to You by the Letter N". What do you know?

Instead of hosting a party Saturday, we headed to Muir Woods to take Apache for a hike and then went to a little joint in Sausalito for dinner. "I just wish he didn't always take my sister away for birthday weekends," Amber pouted. I think I'll sneak away for a ride on the Harley next weekend.

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