Tru64, Jornada and Omnibook to go from HP range

Compaq's Tru64 Unix OS and HP's Netserver IA-32 servers, Jornada handhelds and Omnibook notebooks are among the products being phased out by the merged HP-Compaq.

Compaq's Tru64 Unix operating system and Hewlett-Packard's Netserver IA-32 servers, Jornada handhelds and Omnibook notebooks are among the products being phased out as a result of HP's acquisition of Compaq, the merged company revealed last week. The following is the new HP's product road map in detail:


HP will become the master brand for all server products. Compaq’s ProLiant server will be HP’s IA-32 server, renamed HP ProLiant.


HP and Compaq both sell Intel Itanium servers. The new company will take the route of the next-generation Itanium processor family servers (McKinley-based), augmented by features from the ProLiant IA-64 road map.


HP will continue with the previously published road maps for both PA-RISC and AlphaServer systems. HP will continue development of the PA-8800 and PA-8900 processors, as well as EV7 and EV79 Alpha processors.

Fault-tolerant servers

Since HP didn’t have a similar offering, the Compaq NonStop server will become the HP NonStop server.


HP-UX will be the long-term Unix for the new HP. Tru64 Unix has some features – including clustering and file systems – which will be integrated into HP-UX over time. HP will also deliver on the previously announced Compaq OpenVMS road map, including porting to Itanium.


While HP is making many individual product decisions encompassing products and strategies from both organisations, it will adopt Compaq StorageWorks (renamed HP StorageWorks) for storage and storage solutions, HP OpenView as the name for storage software and ENSA (Enterprise Network Storage Architecture) as the name for the company’s storage architecture.


HP and Compaq will invest in OpenView management solutions, Utility Data Center (UDC), Opencall telecomms solutions and J2EE and Microsoft .Net middleware stacks.

Thin clients

HP will continue the Compaq line of thin clients.


HP workstations will incorporate technology from Compaq’s Windows NT workstations. HP will continue with 64-bit and PA-RISC workstations and upcoming workstations will be based on the Itanium processor.

Business PCs and notebooks

Business desktop PCs and notebooks will migrate to the Compaq platform and both will continue to carry the Compaq name. The HP Vectra will be phased out, but the e-pc line will continue under the HP brand. The HP Omnibook will continue to be offered through 2002.

Consumer PCs and notebooks

Both the Compaq Presario and HP Pavilion will continue.


The Jornada will be phased out, although Jornada technology will be integrated into the renamed HP iPaq.


Home and wireless networking will be based on current Compaq products and rebranded HP.

Imaging and printing

All imaging and printing categories and product lines remain as is, except for: personal inkjets and scanners – the HP product line continues and Compaq products will be phased out; digital projectors – HP and Compaq product lines will be combined.

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