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Issue Date: June 10

It's not the hardware that matters any more, it's how you manage that hardware that counts. According to analysts Meta Group managing storage can be four to a whopping 15 times the up front cost of storage hardware. How many people does it take to manage your terrabytes. Vendors are coming out with storage management strategies - not all of them the same. Andrea Malcolm takes a look at the main players, and what they're offering. Then asks the analysts what they think.


Issue Date: June 17

ASPs were heralded in 2000 as the way software would be distributed in the future. Companies such as Unisys and esolutions made much of their moves to rent software to customers over the internet. But it just didn't happen. The big boys have backed right off but smaller, niche players are doing nicely. And although it hasn't happened yet, the general consensus is it will happen ... one day. Andrea Malcolm scopes the ASP landscape.


Issue Date: June 24

Enterprise application integration, or EAI, is the process organisations are confronted with once they have their financial and supply chain systems in place: with those systems accumulating impressive amounts of detailed data, the next step is to extract the value from it and make it available where it can be most useful. Fortunately, specialist EAI tools are proliferating to tackle the task. This feature will take a detailed look at the task, the tools and EAI examples.

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