Managing storage on a tight budget

Storage tips for those keeping an eye on cost.

  • Centralise the management of data. Centralised management allows you to improve resource utilisation by pooling and sharing resources. A single point of control reduces storage administration costs.

  • Protect data according to how critical it is. Fast recovery options use more resources and are more costly. Evaluate which data requires immediate recovery and which can tolerate a longer resumption time.

  • Use tape for comprehensive and low cost data protection. To protect against data corruption due to viruses, user errors, hacking and software defects, have an offline copy of the data on tape.

  • Use the storage hierarchy. According to tape vendor StorageTek, only 20% of data on disk is active and has a less than 10% probability of being referred to after 30 days. Use an advanced hierarchical management system to implement policy-based movement of inactive data from disk to tape while allowing the user full access to all their data as if it were on disk.

  • Match the technology with performance needs. Not all data requires peak performance. Make cost savings by matching the storage and performance requirement. For example, fast disk for transaction processing, fast tape for recall workload and high-capacity tape for backup.

  • Pay as you grow with flexible and scalable disk products. Modular disk allows you to add performance and capacity when you need it.

  • Reduce back up time with point-in-time or snapshot copy. Take an instant-in-time image of your data and use this to back it up while production continues.

  • Avoid vendor lock-in. Look for a solution that connects to many platforms.

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