Rambunctious acts

According to a spy, PeopleSoft's new management is so overmotivated that most of PeopleSoft's original consultants can't keep a straight face.

Apache had to spend his first stint in the kennel when we brought the pooch to Amber's mother's place and he was nothing short of rambunctious. Judging by his reaction, Apache felt like he was going to jail. "That thing has got to go. You must take it out of my home," Amber's mom cried. Feeling guilty, we obliged.

Following Robinson

A spy says Transmeta has all but confirmed that the follow-up to its Crusoe chip will be code-named Friday. That's right, after Robinson's Friday. Furthermore, looking to expand its business, Transmeta is working to partner with companies such as wearable technologies firm Xybernaut, so its chips may soon be seen worn about town.


According to another spy, PeopleSoft's new management is so overmotivated that most of PeopleSoft's original consultants can't keep a straight face. Not only do the new managers not have a clue as to what is going on, they are concerned only about the amount of hours consultants can bill to make their pockets fat. My spy added that PeopleSoft has hired so many upper managers that consultants will have to bill $US500 an hour just to make a profit.

eRoom without a window

Following its foray into web services support for its collaboration software, eRoom Technology is building a J2EE (Java 2 enterprise edition) version of its software to complement the Windows server edition.

By delivering on top of Java and Windows environments, eRoom expects to create a new software layer between applications and application servers to serve as an XML-driven integration layer between people and enterprise apps. Although a good idea, this project has been borne of necessity. Prior to its alliance with Groove Networks, Microsoft relied on eRoom as its primary collaborative application partner to counter Lotus Notes.

Microsoft now seems focused more on embedding Groove in the next iteration of Office to entice people to upgrade Office clients than it is on its eRoom partnership.

Wireless anyone?

One of my spies heard at a conference in Washington last month that the ever-popular Internal Revenue Service is working on wireless applications but that managers are slow to ramp up wireless projects due to security concerns.

All the poor pup did was jump a bit and maybe grab a couple of pant legs. "We've got to rescue Apache from the kennel," Amber said. So, bright and early we happily packed up our stuff, made room for Apache in the car, and left Amber's crazy mother in the morning dew.

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