Symantec integrates security apps to ease admin workload

Symantec is to launch a new single console network security package aimed at overworked system administrators.

Symantec is to launch a new single console network security package aimed at overworked system administrators.

Client Security is Symantec's first multiprotection desktop software aimed squarely at corporations with the ability to configure and control the software remotely or to pre-configure security levels before handing the PC over to the end user.

Symantec senior systems engineer Robert Pregnell says companies need to be aware of multiple threats that may blur traditional definitions.

"We're not just talking about viruses and needing anti-virus protection - we're talking about what we call 'blended threats' like Code Red or Klez." Both viruses use email to replicate themselves, but can also spread within networks via other means, such as web pages or other infected drives on the network.

"A traditional anti-virus product standing alone isn't enough to cope with something that's slamming itself against your firewall every few seconds. You can fix the infected files as fast as they come in but you can't stop the attack."

The new product combines anti-virus, firewall and intrusion detection along with content management software under the one umbrella.

"Because it's a combined product you don't miss out on updating one part or another by mistake and you can also see reports based on the whole security system rather than a report on viruses and then another report on intrusion detection."

Because one of the biggest threats to network security is often the end user, Symantec has made sure the console is as configurable as possible, with a number of lockable attributes to keep curious users from changing settings. Client Security also boasts the ability to automatically restart its anti-virus protection should an end user switch it off for whatever reason, something Pregnell says has been in demand from network managers for some time.

To encourage companies that use competing products to switch to Symantec's Client, Symantec includes a so-called uninstallation tool that will let Symantec remotely uninstall a competitor's product and remove the existing software while keeping the customer's security settings.

Client Security will go on sale in New Zealand towards the end of August.

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