WebFarm hooks up with WorldPay for multi-currency payments

New Zealand hosting and e-commerce provider WebFarm has announced a new partnership to provide multi-currency e-commerce with the British firm WorldPay.

New Zealand hosting and e-commerce provider WebFarm has announced a new partnership with the British firm WorldPay.

The company says the deal "makes multi-currency online e-commerce a commercial reality for New Zealand companies in as little as 48 hours."

WebFarm believes New Zealand companies are keen to offer goods for sale over the Internet to the global market through sites that let customers view prices automatically converted into US dollars.

"We have had a large amount of interest from the operators of some of the largest websites in New Zealand," says WebFarm general manager Richard Shearer. "Companies with applications that cover product, services and soft sales or software. At the moment there is a lot of interest in ensuring that Internet consumers can purchase New Zealand goods in $US dollars.”

WebFarm customers can now accept online credit card payments in up to five currencies from a total of 169 for no additional cost.

"The New Zealand dollar is not a very well known currency and a lot of Internet shoppers are reluctant to purchase goods offered in currencies they are not familiar with," says Shearer. "People want to make an accurate value judgement at the point of purchase and this is only really possible if prices are displayed in the consumer’s domestic currency to avoid unexpected currency fluctuations appearing on their credit card bill.

"Our offering a multi-currency payment service enables potential customers to select their preferred currency on entering a website and all prices are then automatically displayed, and charged, in that currency"

WorldPay recently added New Zealand dollars to its list of settling currencies.

Shearer says the integration process to plug in the WorldPay system is simple.

"We have found the whole process is relatively straight forward and so far we have not had any problem to get it running on any of the various shopping carts or with custom e-commerce applications."

Companies that want to accept online payments can apply via a form online at the WebFarm website.

Shearer says WebFarm will soon offer an affiliate partner programme allowing Web design and development companies the ability to offer the WorldPay service in the near future.

The partnership will also offer a "complete one-stop e-commerce Web site development solution" using WorldPay’s Click and Build system in the near future.

WorldPay's Asia-Pacific director Jo Wright will be visiting New Zealand in early March for a series of seminars.

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