Telstra to unleash mobile mobile numbers

Telstra Corp. Ltd. Tuesday outlined its mobile number portability (MNP) technology that will allow mobile phone users to retain their number when changing carriers.

Having competed with a number of other carriers to attain the right to establish the common network for the service, Telstra Wholesale was the last left standing, and has subsequently put in place the infrastructure through which mobile network carriers can transfer users' numbers.

"Telstra Wholesale has set up a business-class common network, to be used by all mobile carriers. With the flick of a switch a mobile user can move from one carrier to another once formalities have been completed between the old and new providers," said Rosemary Howard, managing director of Telstra Wholesale.

The Australian Communications Authority has imposed a Sep. 25 deadline for the MNP service to be in place, and Telstra is calling on major industry participants to ensure that they are ready in time for the deadline. The Australian Communications Industry Forum (ACIF) has established a number of working groups that are helping the industry establish MNP to regulatory requirements.

Some industry pundits are predicting that because it will become easier to transfer from one carrier to another in search of the best deal, a price war between the mobile carriers may emerge, following previous trends in the U.K. However, Howard emphatically stated that Telstra would not participate in such a price war.

MNP is currently being utilised in several countries including the U.K., where it takes up to 30 days to transfer a number from one network to another. The ACA has stipulated that Australia's MNP network must allow porting within hours, and Telstra believes that it will be able to deliver well within this requirement.

Story courtesy of The Industry Standard

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