Virtual Reality Developer

A virtual reality developer with prohect manageemnt skills.

Dear What Am I Worth

My wife and I are considering immigrating to New Zealand and are investigating the job market.

I am a senior virtual reality applications developer. The company I work for is at the leading edge of virtual reality technology, using the latest computer systems and software.

Our work ranges from real-time urban visualisation, creating fully-textured, high-resolution interactive environments to be run on high-end SGI platforms, down to the lower-end PC based training applications.

I am primarily a 3D modeller, both low polygon and animation, although I also have excellent skills in image manipulation and texture creation, off-line video editing, multi-media authoring and audio editing.

I have considerable experience of a number of software packages, including 3D Studio MAX, MultiGen, Photoshop, Director and Premiere.

As a senior developer I am expected to manage projects assigned to me and manage other developers. I report to the technical director of the company and am required to represent the company at international symposiums, special interest groups and trade shows.

My qualifications are: BA (Hons) and a BTech ONC. My skill-set is ideally suited for games development, multi-media authoring or Web development.

Virtual Reality Developer

Spectrum IT replies: Given your consultancy, design and development skills, we estimate you could expect to earn $80,000 to $100,000 and think it is fair to say that due to the shortage of people with your skill-set, salary ranges for you will be highly negotiable.

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