WestpacTrust begins to roll out Internet service

WestpacTrust has finally begun to roll out an online banking service, touting a couple of special features to make up for its late entry to the Internet market.

WestpacTrust has finally begun to roll out an online banking service.

Although the bank has offered Internet banking in Australian for some time, it has lagged behind its competitors in New Zealand.

The new service will initially be open to Westpac customers who pre-enrolled for it, and the rest of the bank's customers will be able to sign up when the pilot concludes at the end of April.

WestpacTrust is touting as a key point of difference the ability of its customers to create new payments to people who are not pre-registered as payees. As long as a customer has the payee’s New Zealand bank account number, the customer can make either a one-off or ongoing payment online.

The bank is also offering a sorting function that that allows customers to look at all transactions over the last 12 months, and sort them by date, amount of transaction (either debit or credit), description, transaction type or serial number.

The bank's phone banking customers will be able to use their existing customer IDs. Others will need to contact their local branches.

The new service "was developed following extensive feedback from customers about their preferences for an intuitive and easy-to-use website," says WestpacTrust chief executive Tom Gallagher. "Additional services will be introduced following feedback from our customers on their emerging needs."

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