Where the Walker Wireless ad really comes from

The video used in the current Walker Wireless TV ad - fat man gets rage, smashes PC - is an Internet staple. But where does it actually come from? And is it for real?

Just where does that memorable Walker Wireless ad come from?

'Bad Day', an .mpg file which appears to show an office worker suffering an attack of computer rage and trashing his PC before storming out of his cubicle, has been a staple of the Internet for a couple of years and was picked up by Walker's ad agency, Lowe Lintas, for the TV end of a campaign for Walker's new high-speed Internet service.

A press release from the two companies last week said that all materials in the campaign - which includes several different print ads - "came from the Internet itself". It did not reveal the provenance of "Bad Day", but speculated that it came "from what would appear to be a company’s security surveillance camera."

Not quite. The memorable snippet is staged. It was plucked by persons unknown from a sales video by Loronix Information Systems of Durango, Colorado - which makes surveillance camera systems. The "actor" in the clip, Loronix employee Vinny Licciardi, has become something of a cult hero since his identity came to light.

Stephen Pearson, CEO of Lowe Lintas, says he has no qualms about basing a campaign around part of someone else's sales video:

"The snippet of video is one of the most famous pieces of public domain flotsam and jetsam. It makes the point and, like all the graphic material in the Walker Wireess campaign, is part of the world of the frustrated Internet user. Feedback about the ad has been phenomenal."

A page dedicated to the "Bad Day" video, offering a high-quality 5MB version of the clip, can be found here .

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