First i4free affiliate partner emerges is urging New Zealanders to 'record their support' for the free ISP i4free by visiting the i4free site and giving over their email addresses.

The first affiliate partner for the free ISP has emerged - albeit with a "message of support" rather than a straightforward business announcement., the online travel agency that launched last week issued a release yesterday headed "i4free win support in Telecom NZ battle" and urging New Zealanders to visit the i4free site and "record their support" by giving over their email addresses.

"In addition to giving i4free our support, we are also going to offer all visitors who register on their site the opportunity to win $5000 of free travel," said managing director Greg Southcombe.

"Telecom New Zealand are wrong to stifle the free access model of the internet at the consumers' expense," said Greg Southcombe. "Being a new internet company ourselves, we are fighting to bring New Zealanders lower prices. i4free is no different and we put our full support behind them in their struggle."

The release said Southcombe's "passionate" words were driven by his company's own launch offer of $199 return flights to Sydney.

"As a result of this, we withstood a barrage of complaints and protest from many corners of the traditional travel industry - but our customers clearly loved it. The internet is about delivering lower costs to the consumer. That's the most important issue here."

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