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What mainframe opportunities are there in New Zealand? And where are the skill shortages?

Dear Adviser,

I have just returned from getting married in New Zealand and I'm interested in mainframe opportunities there (permanent or contract). My wife holds a New Zealand passport and we are considering a move over there in the next year or so. My skill set is one of a mainframe and helpdesk background so I would like to know what opportunities exist in those areas. Plan B: I could get some training in areas that might have skill shortages.


Dear Curious,

It is a little hard to be specific without knowing details of your skills and experience. In terms of "mainframe opportunities" there are still organisations using large mainframe computer systems to provide their computing facilities. These are usually large organisations, particularly in the government, finance and computer services sectors. These sites would require manufacturer-specific background, such as IBM or Unisys, and skills in operations, communications or software specific to those manufacturers' systems.

Your best bet would be to contact a recruitment company, such as ours, that specialises in IT&T placement, and outline your skills in more detail to assess the availability of jobs that fit your experience.

In terms of skills in demand, there is a strong demand for modern development and support skills such as Internet based software development, high-level network engineering skills - particularly in router and WAN/LAN integration - application software development especially using C++ and Microsoft environment software development. If you pursue industry certifications in these areas and gain practical experience on the way, you would be in demand here.

Readers with career questions can have them answered in this column by IT recruitment specialists. This month Auckland-based Cooper Osborne & Associates answers your queries. Send questions via Kirstin Mills with “Dear Adviser” in the subject line.

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