Renaissance doubles e-biz traffic

New Zealand IT distributor Renaissance says it has doubled its e-commerce traffic this year.

New Zealand IT distributor Renaissance says it has doubled its e-commerce traffic this year.

Almost a third of its business comes through the browser - up from 15% reported in January, and the company is confident of beating a target of 50% by the end of the year.

Renaissance also aims to be 100% electronic within two years, though eBusiness general manager John Hayson says paper will never be completely banished from the office environment.

To help achieve this, Renaissance has bought Gentran e-business middleware from ECOMNZ for between $50,000 and $100,000.

Gentran is placed between the corporate Web site that collects order data and downstream supplier and customer systems. It enables Renaissance to receive communication from suppliers in almost any electronic form.

This allows the computer systems to share data with each other, including the sending of faxes and scanned documents.

"It makes it easier for us to interact with customers and suppliers electronically. The key thing is capturing the transaction electronically, capturing orders from companies electronically and dealing with suppliers electronically," says Hayson.

Gentran eliminates the need for any re-keying of data into each of the different client systems, saving work and costs for both resellers and Renaissance.

"There are a lot of economies that arise and we need these economies," Hayson says.

The system will also speed up the company's operations and improve customer service, he says.

ECOMNZ general manager John Speed says Gentran connects computers and allows all trading partners to share information. "It acts as a gateway to the outside, as well as a middleware to the internal systems," he says.

ECOMNZ also plans to offer companies using the Internet a "dot-com bundle" of further B2B services using Gentran software.

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