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Power Management

Issue date: 24 July

Advertising Booking Deadline: Closed

Advertising Material Deadline: Closed

Editorial Deadline: Closed

Poor power quality can cost industry huge amounts of money in lost production and equipment damage. Just what causes power problems? What are the effects of those problems? What can you do to ensure your company is safe?

This feature will examine what power management issues New Zealand companies face and how Kiwi organisations are protecting themselves.


Anna Wallis

Email: awallis@iprolink.co.nz

The Digital Image

Issue Date: 31 July

Advertising Booking Deadline: 19 July

Advertising Material Deadline: 21 July

Editorial Deadline: Closed

Once upon a time you used your printer for company reports, memos and the odd office joke. Nowadays you’re just as likely to be printing out a high quality digital photograph or logo.

This feature will examine how the importance of the digital image in business is driving new uses of old technology, as well as newer technology like digital cameras.


Stephen Bell

Email: stephen_bell@idg.co.nz

DDI: 04 802 4131 (Monday to Wednesday); 04 476 4384 or 04 476 4414 (Thursday and Friday).

Editorial Contact:

Kirstin Mills, Features Editor

Email: kirstin_mills@idg.co.nz

DDI: 03-467 2869


Advertising Contacts:

Darrell Denney, Sales Manager

Email: darrell_denney@idg.co.nz

DDI: 09 302 5727

Steven Reddington, Senior Account Manager

Email: steven_reddington@idg.co.nz

DDI: 09 302 5725

Jillian Hamilton-Browne, Classified/Recruitment

Email: jillian_hamilton-browne@idg.co.nz

DDI: 09 302 5723

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