Bloodhound: Using the dog and e-bone

A Bloodhound that can track down people by phone, fax or email has been launched in New Zealand.

A Bloodhound that can track down people by phone, fax or email has been launched in New Zealand.

Auckland-based Brocker Technology Group launched the personal number service, which allows customers to use one portable number for home, mobile phone or fax, and to keep that number wherever they move.

Brocker, a B2B communication provider, had previously planned to use 08 prefixes under the Powercall banner. Now, operating as Brocker, the firm is using Telecom-supplied 374 numbers.

Bloodhound subscribers have just one number for all the calls. When dialled it is answered by a computerised assistant, “Katie”, that scans the subscriber at various locations, such as office phone, mobile phone, or home phone.

If the subscriber is found, the call is transferred to them. If the caller is not found, or chooses not to take the call, the caller can then leave a message.

Messages can be retrieved via the phone or email, in the form of an audio file. The Bloodhound number can also receive faxes, which can be retrieved via email, as graphics files.

“With Bloodhound, your callers no longer have to try and guess where you are,” says Brocker manager of computer telephony solutions, Nick Lyttle.

“As a subscriber, you control where your calls go. You decide which phone your calls go to, for different days in the week and times of day, and you can alter this at any time on the [newly launched] Bloodhound Web site, You can choose whether to answer a call, place it on hold, or divert the caller to your message system,” he says.

Since trialling the product over the past year, Brocker claims several hundred satisfied customers with the Bloodhound personal number service.

Among them, IDC research manager Pat Pilcher has been using Bloodhound for nine months.

“If I am out, I am reachable and I can control that. It makes your telecommunications environment more manageable,” he says.

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