Network specialist

I have five years' hands-on networking experience. I have MCSE, MCP+I, and CCNA and I also work comfortably with Unix (Sun-Solaris/HP-UX/Linux).

Dear What Am I Worth,

I'm working as a network specialist in Singapore with one of the major multinational banks. I am considering moving to Auckland. I have five years' hands-on networking experience. I graduated with Bachelor of Science (Honours) in computing.

I have MCSE [Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer], MCP+I [Microsoft Certified Professional plus Internet], CCNA [Cisco Certified Network Associate]. I also work comfortably with Unix (Sun-Solaris/HP-UX/Linux).

I delivered Internet/intranet infrastructure (LAN/WAN) and the related services (email/DNS/FTP/WWW/firewall/proxy - using Sun boxes) right from scratch for Asia-Pacific region (engineering and administration).

I have been involved in major migration from legacy IBM-SNA network to TCP/IP infrastructure (using Cisco routers to achieve SNA over TCP/IP).

I am self-taught in Web development. I delivered Web-based applications on IIS4 WebServer, using ASP/ADO/WSH/JavaScript/Perl and MsAccess/MsSQL7 as the back-end database. As for the Web graphics, I'd normally use Adobe Photoshop.

Network Specialist

Robert Walters IntelliMark replies:You certainly seem to have very solid networking skills and your experience could definitely be utilised within the New Zealand market. As you have not worked in New Zealand previously, you may need to be prepared to start at a lower level role and work your way up and you will also need to investigate visa restrictions for working in New Zealand. In Auckland, a network specialist can expect to earn $60,000 and above, although you may need to lower this slightly until you have gained some experience within New Zealand.

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