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My skills are in the design and delivery of processes. I act as an internal consultant offering a 'service management' perspective to complement the technical people.

Dear What Am I Worth,

My company's business is hosting and guaranteeing the online availability of others' data. I have been with them for nearly 12 months.

My role is in customer support/service functions - resolving faults and processing requests. My skills are in the design and delivery of processes. I act as an internal consultant offering a "service management" perspective to complement the technical people.

I build and support various in-house applications (MS Access) associated with these processes, with a skill-level of intermediate VBA coding. Although I have completed various short courses I have no formal MS or software-development qualification. I have six years' experience in IT and telco helpdesk and customer/service support functions.

I have completed most of the New Zealand Diploma In Business, but intend to swap this for a post-grad IT diploma being offered through AUT this year.

For the future, I enjoy the dynamic aspect of designing and building, both processes and software. I am trying to decide whether to focus on software or service-management, (or possibly both). I am also interested in some form of consultancy role due to the diversity and opportunity for constant learning.

Banging My Head

Robert Walters IntelliMark replies: If you want to focus on more of a systems development role, you may want to investigate learning some other languages such as Visual Basic or Delphi so you are not only limited to working in VBA. This will also increase your market value.

Consider moving into a business analyst role - your background in service management and development could be a good foundation for an entry level role in this area. As an indication, you could be looking at a salary of about $50,000, increasing as you gain more experience.

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