Internet-enabled contact centre launched

SalesForce New Zealand has launched what it claims to be New Zealand's first Internet-enabled contact centre.

SalesForce New Zealand has launched what it claims to be New Zealand's first Internet-enabled contact centre.

The year-old company provides customer service for major clients including Ericsson, Telstra, Fly Buys, Compaq, Mobil, Walker Wireless, New Zealand Air and Sky TV.

Claiming growth from four staff to 110, the Auckland-based firm has just announced it has "invested a few million" on a new state-of-the-art Genesys CTI Platform it says will provide customer service way beyond traditional levels.

SalesForce managing director Michael Masterson is convinced that Net-savvy contact centres are the next big thing.

"The industry has evolved from telemarketing in the 80's, to call centres in the 90's. Now we are seeing the emergence of fully integrated contact centres.

"SalesForce provides customers with the ability to do business in any way they want - via telephone, fax, email, co-browsing or online chat," says Masterson.

By linking to clients' Web sites and featuring an online 'Contact Me' button, SalesForce agents can provide live communication by means of voice over Internet protocol (VOIP), chat, or video conferencing.

When requested by the customer, agents can become co-browsers and simultaneously use the Web site with the customer to demonstrate a procedure or function.

"The frustration of using a Web site online service, then getting stuck with no way to continue will be eliminated.

Our agents will be able to immediately answer text based enquiries, use VOIP and demonstrate what the customer should do next," says Masterson.

The Genesys "toolkit" also provides intelligent routing of telephone calls, recognising client's telephone numbers and routing them to the agent they last spoke to, or the agent most likely to be able to assist them based on their caller history.

It uses Microsoft-based software linked to the clients legacy-based databases.

SalesForce says using email as a method of enquiry and complaint is fast becoming one of the preferred means of consumer communications.

Genesys uses context analysis to recognise key words within email messages, interpret their meaning and direct them to appropriate channels.

"Genesys allows SalesForce to offer a total point of contact for the companies we represent. Email, Internet, fax and telephone communication with customers becomes efficient and seamless," Masterson says.

SalesForce began in Australia 11 years ago. It now employs nearly 3000 people in three countries - New Zealand, Australia and Malaysia.

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