NZ slips in e-commerce race

New Zealand is slipping further behind in e-commerce each week, says TUANZ chief executive Ernie Newman, who has just return from Ireland.

New Zealand is slipping further behind in e-commerce each week, says TUANZ chief executive Ernie Newman.

Newman has just returned from Ireland where he says the government has supported 30 companies to get their e-businesses started on condition they help other Irish firms.

"Government offers very proactive help in Eire and many other governments are doing the same thing," says Newman.

"Here, there is the promise of an e-commerce summit, now in November, but it keeps getting delayed and very little is happening. We are getting further and further behind each week," he says.

As well as a lack of government support, Newman says part of the problem is New Zealand has many small businesses and the cost of technology falls disproportionately on smaller firms.

TUANZ published a report on the subject in its June TUANZ topics and now plans two seminars to help tackle the problem.

The Wellington seminar is on July 11 and the Auckland seminar on July 12.

TUANZ says the seminar will offer a pragmatic review of e-business-to-business trading in New Zealand, focussing on high-volume transactions between regular trading partners.

It will provide a platform for the discussion and presentation of solutions, ideas, case studies, strategic models and practical advice for companies wishing to develop and/or improve supply chain management.

The seminar will also include an update of how New Zealand's uptake compares globally and perspectives on the future of wireless e-business, TUANZ says.

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