Excellence in the Use of IT in Enterprise Resource Planning

The New Zealand Dairy Group says the IT in Project Apia will give the company a "quantum leap in business efficiencies".

The New Zealand Dairy Group is the cream of the crop with Project Apia.

The Anchor Process and Integrated Applications project involved developing one process and one system for one company even when it took over a rival and became 20% larger.

Project Apia covered finance, purchasing, maintenance, order entry, production and data warehousing, affecting 2000 staff at 12 regional sites.

Based on Oracle Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), Project Apia delivered a common platform across NZDG, eliminating the need for separate systems, ensuring vanilla systems, allowing ease of upgrade and deployment and eliminating Y2K problems.

It was the first CPG in the country and NZDG says the IT in Project Apia will give the company a “quantum leap in business efficiencies”.

Convening judge for this category, Peter Fletcher, declared Apia the winner because it:

  • Was delivered on time and within budget
  • Was a new platform for one of New Zealand’s largest companies impacting 2000+ employees
  • Had a new integrated suite of enterprise-wide applications across 12 sites
  • Accrued significant benefits to the organisation
  • Has provided a foundation for supply chain visibility
It was deemed to meet the corporate goal “ Our Company, One process, One system, by 1999”:
  • The organisation maximises its potential
  • Provides tools and opportunities to improve the performance of its people
  • Responsive to its customers in the supply chain
  • Using common best processes across the group
  • Enabled by a common information platform
  • Improving the overall efficiency of the business
  • Being cost justified

And business objectives:

  • A business rather than systems approach
  • Identify and meet the future needs of NZDG
  • Consistent “best practice” business processes
  • Meet our responsibilities in the dairy supply chain
  • Improving the overall efficiency of the business.

The other finalist was:

  • Elastomer Products - which makes plastic and silicone profile extrusions - with its overhaul of its non-Y2K-compliant business system. Geac’s streamline supply chain management project was used to ease operations for the company’s 100 staff. Trials were made regarding data conversion and neither customers nor suppliers were aware of the switch to the new system.

  • Peter Fletcher, Supply Chain Consulting
  • Stewart Gibbs, Country Manager, PeopleSoft New Zealand
  • Adam Lowe, Consultant, Intentia

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