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The Electronic Transactions Bill is no more. That's right, it's now the Electronic Transactions Act, having passed through the House after umpteen months in waiting.

The ETA puts electronic transactions ("click here to accept" perhaps?) on the same footing with paper-based transactions, which is nice to see.

In the short term it means you can sign for things online that previously you needed to put "in writing". In the long term we should see more emphasis on electronic transactions for dealings with government and with business, which can't be a bad thing.

The ETA is only one of the government's electronic bills that's looking for a home in law this year. The controversial Crimes Amendment Bill (number six) is still to be passed and there should be some debate over this one as it includes the clause that will allow police and security services the right to intercept your email/instant messaging/IRC and so on. They'll need a warrant, although the GCSB will only require one of its special warrants that doesn't seem to include getting a judge to sign it.

Electronic Transactions Bill to pass in next few days - IDGNet

- Arts and Letters no more

It's possibly New Zealand's best known website. Set up by Canterbury University professor Dennis Dutton, AL Daily provided the literati with a website of their very own.

Users from far and wide came for the aggregation site's blend of obscure news and features from the rounds of arts, science, literature, philosophy and other high brown arcana.

Dutton sold the site a couple of years ago to a US publishing firm which has since declared bankruptcy. While Dutton and co-editor Tran Huu Dung have kept the site going through their own toil, now that the receiver has decided to sell the site in an auction of the publisher's goodies towards the end of the month, Dutton has decided enough is enough.

This isn't the first round of turmoil for AL Daily. In November last year it was revealed a former employee had filed a NZ$40 million lawsuit against Dutton, claiming she was owed a share of the pay out from the sale of the site.

So is this the end for Arts and Letters Daily? Dutton says possibly not - a new buyer at the auction, and he doesn't rule out bidding himself - may set the site up again as a going concern. In the meantime there's always Dutton's new site, which may look strangely familiar to AL Daily fans: Philosophy and Literature.

Arts and Letters Daily goes off the air - IDGNet

Dutton: Don't farewell Arts & Letters Daily yet - IDGNet

Award_winning website forced to close - NZ Herald

Arts and Letters Daily website

Philosophy and Literature website

Dutton faces $40 million lawsuit - Media Watch

- Welcome to the Third Place

A last minute change of heart has me re-writing this story so I apologise if the headline doesn't seem too applicable.

I had a tart piece here about how Telecom, the communications company, doesn't like to answer my questions, but I've just read a story on the NZ Herald site about yesterday's shareholder meeting and I am stunned.

I had no idea such stupid people had money.

I actually felt sorry for Telecom.

I've linked to the story below, but suffice to say some people shouldn't be allowed to be quoted in public.

Do you remember a few years ago there was a letter to the Herald from a chap about daylight saving? He was unhappy that the time at which clocks would be moved forward or back was 2am. Why oh why, he lamented, do we do this? I get sick and tired of getting up at 2 in the morning to change my clocks. Can't we have a more civilised time for it.

I fear he may very well be a Telecom shareholder.

To quote from the story:

"Another man suggested the board give all male shareholders a tie with 'Telecom 2002' written on it. Women should get a brooch, and it should all be paid for out of the directors' own pockets. 'It would add very much to the morale and interest of the shareholders,' he said."

Now I don't mean to be sarcastic or facetious or rude but really! This is a multi-million dollar company faced with huge issues of competition, regulation, technology, national politics, international relations and trans-Tasman rivalry and he wants a tie (and let's not forget the brooch for the ladies). Be afraid. Be very afraid.

So Telecom, my hat's off to you. Have a week off from constant badgering - I think you've earned it.

Tea and bikkies beat the tough questions - NZ Herald

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