Toy Box: As if txting wasn't complicated enough ...

If the phrase 'triple tapping is dead' means anything to you, you'll no doubt be excited about the Fastap keypad.

If the phrase "triple tapping is dead" means anything to you, you'll no doubt be excited about the Fastap keypad.

If it doesn't mean a thing, you're probably an old fuddy-duddy who thinks cellphones are the devil's work and that text messaging is something for the yoof market.

Allow me to explain.

Triple tapping is the annoying entry method required by most cellphones when typing out text messages. To chose certain letters each key must be pressed repeatedly, sometimes three times or more. Various cellphone companies have work-arounds to this problem -- the predictive text industry is great for those who like to be confused by simple words they've just written, like "hello" or "whatever".

Fastap, brought to you by a former Apple design guru, takes the simple 12-button number pad and converts it into multi-button monster that has five buttons for every one on your normal cellphone.

That's right, you heard me, five. If the buttons are too small for your pudgy fingers now, just wait.

Still, it looks intuitive enough. And given the pressure to send stories back from press conferences (CEO SYS 'N CMMNT'), I might just have to check one of these out. Coming soon to a phone near you.

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