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That didn't take long now did it?

Honestly, you'd think the whole country was on holiday still. Oh, you are? I see. It's only those of us charged with a daily deadline who are here in the office, slaving over a hot keyboard and a quiet telephone.


Fortunately, it's not just the FryUp kitchen that's in silent running mode at the moment. Stuff seems to have given up on local IT news in favour of Shock! Horror! Porn headlines from press agencies around the world and Harold is still snoozing in his deckchair.

Aardvark's Bruce Simpson is feeling the pinch and has even linked to one of his own stories. NBR's Francis Till has shot through to San Diego to visit the Oracle and even the IDG news wire, home to copy from East Africa, India, Canada, the US, Latin America, Amsterdam and even Australia (among others of course) is oddly quiet.

A little too quiet if you ask me.

January is usually a difficult time in the news business but this year seems doubly tricky as CIOs take a well earned break and the PR agencies are left manning their desks.

I'm sure next week will be different. It always is.

The Telco Commissioner is about to launch a series of demands and decisions on all manner of beast from Telecom and TelstraClear down to CallPlus and perhaps even Ihug if needs be. It'll be a busy year for Douglas Webb and his team but not just yet.

New technologies will, no doubt, be touted from all corners of the marketing globe but maybe in Q2 rather than just now.

It's enough to make you take up a hobby but as my deadline waxes and wanes I find myself scrabbling for copy. I may have to stake out the local PC shop to see who comes in or, heaven forbid, read the press release database for amusement's sake.

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