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Hard disk on this executive's laptop has failed. 'But don't worry,' he tells support pilot fish. 'Whenever I got something really important, I'd email a copy to myself and put it in a different folder.' Fish groans, 'Which was actually located on the same hard drive.'

          Hard disk on this executive's laptop has failed, and his most important email folder may be gone. "But don't worry," he tells support pilot fish. "I had a backup plan. Whenever I got something really important, I'd email a copy to myself and put it in a different folder." Fish groans, "Which was actually located on the same hard drive."

          Unclear on the concept

          When will the new spam filters be working? software development chief asks IT VP pilot fish. "I just logged on to my Hotmail account, and it's still clogged with spam." Fish gently points out that the filters work only on the company's own mail servers, not a personal Hotmail account. "Well, I know," sputters red-faced software chief. "But I accessed it from here at work!"

          Picture this

          New not-very-techie IT boss complains to help desk pilot fish that his new laptop's DVD player won't work with CDs. "It's not backwards-compatible," he says. As fish watches, manager puts in a CD, and music begins playing. So what's the problem? fish asks. "Yeah, there's sound," boss says, "but no picture!"

          Heavy equipment

          This telco is getting into the data networking business, and the VP of IT insists on leading technical sales meetings, says a pilot fish who attended one. Things are running fine until one engineer suggests replacing all the customer's existing hardware with racks of new equipment -- or as he puts it, "What about a forklift upgrade?" "Let's not get into that here," VP says. "We're only interested in providing the communications equipment!"

          Mind reader

          Six weeks into this ill-conceived data warehouse project, everything is behind schedule, says the pilot fish who's the only one working on it. Finance department manager tells him, "You've been working on this for the last six weeks and have not met any of our deadlines. To get a better idea of the current situation, I ask you, what hasn't been completed that we assume you completed?"

          Well, he was

          Job-hunting pilot fish wants to be on time for his interview, so on Saturday afternoon, he takes a drive to find the right building. He does -- and to his surprise, there are two guys standing outside, so fish strikes up a conversation. "You have an interview?" one asks. "For what job?" IT director, fish says. "I bet Joe would like to know about that," he tells his companion, then explains to fish, "Joe's the director of IT now."

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