FryUp: Tsunami, Meetings, Disaster, Oceans

Top Stories: - Tsunami, Meetings, Disaster, Oceans

Top Stories:

- Tsunami, Meetings, Disaster, Oceans

- Tsunami, Meetings, Disaster, Oceans

Ah, there's nothing like the smell of rampant commercially-driven chocolates to really fuel the upcoming weekend is there?

Flowers, desperate with the stench of sweaty palms. Cards with poems that only a cynical Hallmark writer could love.

What does this have to do with the week's news, you ask yourselves? Well, the FryUp is nothing without its readers (believe me, as I write this it's nothing) so I offer up this timely warning as a public service: if you haven't bought/presented cards, chocolates and flowers but should have, it's not too late to book a table for two for dinner.

Also, it's been something of an odd week. None of the tech publications that grace your screens have covered the same story so I can't wrap up the various points of view for you.

In fact, this year to date has been a bit like that. Normally we fight over angles for each story but lately there's been quite a divergence in coverage. This isn't a bad thing in and of itself - it means there's a lot more for you to read, for one thing - but it does make for a slow FryUp.

The Herald has covered the telecommunications commissioner's conference in Wellington on TelstraClear's interconnect issues. Both TelstraClear and Telecom have stated their positions again and brought in experts to support them. TelstraClear has made one concession - it's agreed that the ISP and toll call markets are both already quite competitive enough thank you and don't need regulatory handling after all, which is probably the right thing to do.

Stuff has reported on French police seizing a couple of fake cellphones that are in fact four-shot pistols. There's a handy interview with father-of-the-internet Vint Cerf, but it doesn't ask him any of those harsh questions about his current role at ICANN that we'd like to see answered. You can ask him yourself if you're in Wellington or Auckland over the next week - he's giving a handful of public addresses in various venues over the next few days.

Here at IDGNet we've asked Customs about its trials of face-recognition software (all together now: "Hello, I'm Guy Incognito") and were reassured they weren't about to roll it out as our first line of defence.

We've spoken to Trade New Zealand about helping companies export into north America and to a couple of companies that are off to Europe to help the Poms understand how better to let Kiwi companies into their nascent tech market. Strange but true - the UK government is paying them to go.

They're also off to CeBIT, the ferociously large ICT conference held each year in Hannover. Take some stout walking shoes and a locator beacon.

As to the title of this week's FryUp, it's all down to the government's follow up to the Knowledge Wave conference. If you go to the new government portal and type in "knowledge wave conference" without the speech marks you get "see also Tsunami, Meetings, Disaster, Oceans". portal

Try to avoid at least three out of any four of these in combination would be my advice.

Vint Cerf travelling roadshow - IDGNet

Customs defends face recognition trial - IDGNet

Trade NZ helps Kiwi ICT companies in US - IDGNet

Kiwi firms travel to London, Hannover thanks to UK government - IDGNet

Cheaper broadband the big winner, Telecom told - NZ Herald

Wireless undercuts Telecom - NZ Herald

Net guru foretells link to Mars - Stuff

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