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- internet = communication

- It's Friday - do YOU know where your FryUp is?

- internet = communication

For better or worse it's all on in Iraq.

Putting aside all questions of whether the US and Britain should be waging a war in Iraq (we could discuss that for a very long time and no doubt we will at some point) this time round it's becoming clear that it's a war not so much televised as webcast.

Those of us at work who want to know what's going on are turning in our droves to the web: breaking news emails, local sites, international sites, official sources, independent news and of course the trend for this year, the blog.

While I enjoy getting the technical detail on just what the MOAB is capable of from those cute wee drop down menus on CNN or finding out the displacement of the HMS Ark Royal from the BBC, it's the simple human contact that really makes me stop and think. The one blog I've found that I keep going back to is "Where is Raed?" (See the link below) that purports to be from someone living in Baghdad. Whether you agree with what is being written or not, it's a powerful medium that lets me, sitting here in Three Kings on a lovely autumn's day, experience a little of what is going on half a world away. Maybe this is what the internet is really all about?

The blog itself is getting slammed by visitors from every corner so if you can't get in do keep trying. Later on we should discuss just what blogs mean for journalism and reporting in general - already companies like Stratfor are taking advantage of this kind of on-the-ground contact to provide detailed information. I received an email from the site early yesterday telling me that B52 bombers had been reported taking off from a UK airbase. Sure enough, about eight hours later missiles were striking home in Baghdad.

Here's a snippet from "Where is Raed?" to show you what it's like, typos and all.

"THe sounds of the anti_aircarft artillery is still louder than the booms and bangs which means that they are still far from where we live, but the images we saw on Al Arabia news channel showed a building burning near one of my aunts house, hotel pax was a good idea. we have two safe rooms one with "international media" and the other with the Iraqi TV on. every body is waitingwaitingwaiting. phones are still ok, we called around the city a moment ago to check on friends. Information is what they need. Iraqi TV says nothing, shows nothing. what good are patriotic songs when bombs are dropping around 6:30 my uncle went out to get bread, he said that all the streets going to the main arterial roads are controlled by Ba'ath people. not curfew but you have to have a reason to leave your neighborhood, and the bakeries are, by instruction of the Party, seeling only a limited amount of bread to each customer."

Where is Raed? -

Stratfor website

It's mostly paid-for information but there are free email updates available

News sites ready for war - Computerworld Online

Take a hyperlink cruise into heat of battle - NZ Herald

- It's Friday - do YOU know where your FryUp is?

Where were you, man? Last week? Didn't we arrange to meet here on Friday? Like usual?

You may have noticed the Friday FryUp slipping a notch or two last week to, well, Monday. Sorry about that.

Is there room for a relaxing email read on a Monday? Not my Mondays, I'm afraid. My one regular meeting a week is foolishly scheduled for 9am on Monday mornings so I'm forced to do battle with the other angry morning drivers and then spend a small fortune in parking charges just to sit in a board room [Did you mean bored?--Ed {No, not Edward}]. Ah well. Such is the price, I suppose.

But as to the FryUp, I can only assure you that it will never happen again. Never ever. Honestly. No really. Usual disclaimers apply.

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