Fryup: Nzoom from the trenches; the determined commissioner

Top Stories: - Pssst...any jobs going at your place? - From the trenches to no man's land

Top Stories:

- Pssst…any jobs going at your place?

- From the trenches to no man’s land

- Pssst…any jobs going at your place?

Reporting straight from the trenches, I can inform you first-hand that yes, indeed, the TVNZ website nzoom will be relaunched in October as Why from the trenches, you ask? Because I work for nzoom.

Nzoom will be fully integrated into TVNZ, and will become an extension of the company's television broadcasting activities. The structure of the new unit has yet to be determined.

Will she work for nzoom much longer? I hear you ask. That is the question hanging over me and my colleagues. Forgive me if I can’t say a lot about it but I’m sure you understand my position. Suffice to say, many of you out there in IT-land (particularly those Fonterra and IAG employees) will recognise that "waiting to know" feeling. And don't worry – this isn’t a new form of reality-fryup. It's a one-off event because journalists definitely prefer being reporters of news to being topics of news. Our lives are usually far too boring.

Anyway here’s what the press have to say about it.

By the way – "thanks" for "being a catalyst" Red Sheriff. And I can’t help noting that the Herald couldn't resist plugging its own site in its story. Read the links and you’ll know what I mean.

Maturing market spells nzoom demise – Computerworld online

Nzoom staff await word on their fate – Computerworld online

Back to basics on TVNZ's website –

Nzoom brand dumped, jobs jeopardized –

IAG workers await fate –

- From the trenches to no man’s land

As a journalist, ringing the Commerce Commission for whatever reason often feels like being in a scene from Waiting for Godot. You know you’ll be told "We're still investigating" or "We've decided to do nothing". But this week the commission ordered Telecom to offer wholesale services to TelstraClear at a 16% discount off its standard prices.

To be fair to the commission, coming to this decision, or determination, as they like to call it, has been no small task. TelstraClear asked for the regulation of 308 Telecom services which it then whittled down to 158. The commission has given it the right to sell 98 of those services at the 16% discount level. Business services and residential broadband are those most affected.

There are provisos to ensure that TelstraClear keeps on building out its network. In order to offer the 16% discount in the business data market, customers have to be at least 200 metres beyond the edge of TelstraClear's network. In the less competitive residential broadband market this has been set at 100 metres. TelstraClear describes these suburban verges and city pavement areas as "no man's land". To be able to supply services to them, a group which TelstraClear estimates will number in the thousands, it will either have to extend its network or pay a price set by Telecom for use of its network.TelstraClear has made a separate application regarding residential local access and calling services which the commission is still investigating.

TelstraClear, Tuanz welcome ruling – mostly – Computerworld online

Commission sets discount rate for Telecom wholesaling –

TelstraClear wins Telecom wholesale deal –

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