Intranet aids airport security staff

A $30,000 intranet has been installed to help security staff at seven New Zealand airports.

A $30,000 intranet has been installed to help security staff at seven New Zealand airports.

The system - one of the first Microsoft Site Server Installations in the country - aims to reduce paperwork.

Built by Hindin Communications of Christchurch, it went online late last month at Aviation Security Security Systems (AvSec).

The Crown-run enterprise provides security for the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority by screening international passengers, hand luggage, and some hold luggage and freight.

AvSec IT manager Mark Lilly says the new system provides a mechanism for AvSec's 186 staff to access information rather than use "reams and reams" of paper.

"The intranet is a central interface for a repository of information," he says.

It contains company news, policy and procedure manuals, flight schedules and CAA rules, which can be updated at the click of a hyperlink.

The intranet provides information as personalised Web pages and offers targetted email and security clearance.

It runs on a dual 166 server with 512 megabytes of RAM.

Lilly says the system is 'fantastic', as it is 'limitless' in terms of the applications it can have put on it. It also interfaces with existing company systems, such as the staff roster.

AvSec soon plans to install an ID Card system, statistical database programmes and MS Office programmes to the Intranet.

This will give all workstations the same look and feel, thus simplifying training and making systems easier for staff to use.

Earlier this year, AvSec won an award for Asia-Pacific security. This followed recent screening work on the APEC conference, which for them involved two to three years planning.

The new intranet, Lilly adds, will make such a massive security operation much easier to organise again in future.

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