E-kiosks and touch screen pies at BP

Petrol giant BP Amoco is taking fuel retailing into the 21st century with instore e-kiosks and pumpside touch-screen monitors that can order food as you fill up.

Petrol giant BP Amoco is taking fuel retailing into the 21st century with in-store e-kiosks and pump-side touch-screen monitors that can take food orders as the tank fills.

The new technology will be introduced in New Zealand "probably in the next year", after the first sites open in London and parts of the US later this year.

BP says the new retail sites are based on "a radical prototype service station perfected over the last three months at a secret warehouse location in Atlanta, Georgia."

"The novel BP Connect service will feature in-store e-kiosks where customers can check the weather and traffic conditions, pay without cash or credit cards and call up directions to local destinations," says the company.

"While filling their tanks, customers can use a touch-screen monitor to order sandwiches, pastries and snacks which will be waiting for them inside the store. The screens will also offer sports scores and the latest news headlines."

BP also says the new sites will also be partly solar-powered, through solar panels that form a transparent canopy above the pumps.

The high-tech initiatives were announced as part of a major makeover for the recently-merged $NZ400 billion company, which features a new Helios logo, based on the ancient Greek sun god.

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