Motorola Goes Elsewhere

WAP Debate Increases; Pokemon and Palm Viruses Strike

New Zealand’s knowledge economy took a hit this week after Motorola decided to build its next research facility in Australia instead of New Zealand. Motorola has been in discussion with Auckland and Christchurch city leaders as well as central government for months now — the stumbling block seemingly New Zealand’s lack of enough trained staff. Christchurch made the short list, but lost out to an unnamed Australian city.

But all is not lost — Motorola has built a dozen facilities around the world in the last six years, and since all the leg work has been done on the Christchurch plan, why not build the next one here? A corporate delegation will be enjoying Christchurch’s hospitality next month.

Motorola doesn’t rule out New Zealand facility - IDGNet

Motorola decides against New Zealand - Nzoom

The Christchurch Press carries a story about local businesses that are still very keen to attract new tech industries to the region.

Backing for technology drive to continue - Stuff

WAP Debate Increases

WAP (Web Application Protocol) has had a rocky week of it. After the high of the first Nokia WAP Awards, held in Auckland, came the stories of WAP’s impending failure — WAP wouldn’t catch on because it’s too expensive, or because customers don’t really want all those services despite the research or any one of a number of other reasons. WAP, which will allow users to view Web-based pages on their cellular devices, will provide mobile users with high levels of data connectivity once the so-called third generation spectrum is put to use — speeds of 2Mbit/second are not beyond reach in the next five years. Currently cell phones connect at only 9600 bits per second.

Strong interest in WAP awards - IDGNet

Study: wireless Web market to grow - IDGNet

No future for WAP - IDGNet

WAP will be led by business, not consumer market - IDGNet

Pokemon and Palm Viruses Strike

Users must be getting the hang of the whole viral infection by now — don’t open executable files from people you don’t know; don’t pass on virus warnings unless they’re from a virus centre and so on. Two new viruses have emerged this week — both targeting new “markets” and sparking off a new round of concern as well as sales of virus protection software.

Pokemon, the annoying children’s TV show that has spawned a billion dollar toy industry as well as a big screen hit, is also a virus that is targeting the younger users.

Pokemon virus 'targets' kids - Stuff

But virus protection company McAfee wonders aloud about the actual damage caused by some viruses — is it worth all the effort and hype?

Virus protection vendors crying wolf? - IDGNet

And the world of the handheld is also now vulnerable after the discovery of a virus that targets Palm devices. The trojan virus, which pretends to be Gambit Studios' Liberty GameBoy emulation software, would delete all applications off the handheld device when it is executed. A patch is available, but experts believe this won’t be the last virus we see in the palmtop device market.

Palm gets first trojan horse - IDGNet

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