Domainz CEO — did he fall or was he pushed?

Is this Curtains for Esolutions?; Clear Communications - the difference is wireless

After four years as the CEO of .nz registry company Domainz, Patrick O’Brien resigned, saying it had nothing whatsoever to do with the increasingly vitriolic attacks on him personally from Internet Society members. Questions that remain unanswered include: will the Society continue to fund his defamation action against Manawatu Internet Service director Alan Brown and how much was he paid to leave his post three months early?

Domainz CEO walks - IDGNet

Meanwhile, the chair of Domainz has revealed more about the future of Domainz in a post-O’Brien world.

New Domainz CEO interim only - IDGNet

O'Brien quits Domainz - Stuff

Meanwhile, ISOCNZ is considering its options following the revelation that an Australian company has bought the URL Rare Domains is offering domain name registration services from the site.

ISOCNZ ponders legal action - IDGNet

Further down the ISOCNZ food chain, Society members are arguing about whether to even bother with a second level domain name structure at all. Why not follow the Netherlands’ example and just have .nz?

Ditch say Internet Society members - IDGNet

Is this Curtains for esolutions?

Two of the partners involved in “virtual company” esolutions have signed on with an Australian equivalent. Telecom and EDS, along with Lion Nathan and Woolworths, among others, will pool their buying power under the joint company name of Cyberlynx. Does this mean the end of the esolutions’ experiment?

Telecom joins in Aust e-hub company - IDGNet

Telecom sets up Australian trading portal

Stuff gets all excited and promotes Telecom from partner to developer of new portal - Stuff

Clear Communications — the difference is wireless

Clear announces it cannot wait for the Telecommunications Inquiry to sort out the local loop and launches a wireless service similar in form and function to Radionet or Walker Wireless. But its competitors say Clear is simply proving its chosen wireless network system, LMDS, is too expensive to be practical.

Clear says "us too" on high-speed wireless - IDGNet

Clear narrows focus to speed online business - NZ Herald

Clear's wireless play shows failings of LMDS, claim rivals - IDGNet

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