Big Bill Comes to Visit

NZ Dollar Causes PC Price Hike; US Bank Hacked - 15000 card numbers stolen

Bill Gates breezed in to Sydney for a quick chat before heading on to Melbourne to watch free trade protesters burn him in effigy. Must be a strange feeling really. He spoke for ten minutes with Paul Swain, minister in charge of IT, and for about half an hour with Paul Holmes, minister in charge of sensational news. Quite who had the bigger impact is still up for debate, however the Bill did express an interest in New Zealand’s potential.

See Bill’s interview with Holmes - Nzoom

Gates casts doubt on WAP future - IDGNet

Gates concedes Microsoft's catch-up status for browsers - IDGNet

The Herald has Bill saying New Zealand’s small and medium-sized business should take advantage of the Internet to better market themselves.

All aboard the cyber express says Gates - NZHerald

Microsoft has also launched its latest operating system — Windows Millennium Edition, or Windows Me. PC World has an upgrade guide to help you through the process.

Windows Millennium hits the shelves - PCWorld

NZ Dollar Causes PC Price Hike

As the dollar dips toward its latest low point, importers are feeling the pinch. PC companies will be putting their prices up to compensate, and software vendors are due to follow as well.

NZ dollar set to slam PC prices - IDGNet

Meanwhile, over at the National Business Review’s newly, and quietly, re-launched site there’s a story about a Merill Lynch report that says New Zealand is in the top 10 nations for potential economic growth despite the current state of the dollar.

Brokers to investors: Buy NZ not bye NZ - NBR

US Bank Hacked — 15000 card numbers stolen

Finally, a word of warning about online banks. Following the Australian story about St George Bank being the target of a denial of service attack (DOS) comes this cautionary tale about Western Union bank. 15,700 card numbers are reported to have been stolen because a user error left a file unprotected.

Human error leads to hack of Western Union site - IDGNet

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