What we got ...

Second-hand PCs turn up letters from Christine Rankin and Jenny Shipley.

From a pre-WINZ letter by chief executive designate Christine Rankin to staff on organisational and benefit changes:

"I can guarantee that there will be lots of change from 1 October onwards . As the saying goes, 'Rome wasn't built in a day', and much of the finer detail is still to be worked out ."

From a 1998 letter by Prime Minister Jenny Shipley replying to a query about employment and expressing sympathy about the untimely death of a young man: "It is clear that the longer job seekers are out of work the higher the risk that they will lose their motivation, self-esteem and connection with the community, with the sad result that a number of job seekers get to the point of giving up ..."

Among correspondence on internal financial matters were several letters to customers of AVCO Finance, now a subsidiary of General Electric Finance:

"I am extremely disappointed that you have not kept your arrangements to pay your account ."

"If you fail to comply, Avco intends to pursue this matter through other agencies ."

"We will no longer tolerate your inaction ."

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