Solaris network administrator

I am a Sun systems administrator with four years of PC support and two years of Unix system administration experience.

Dear What am I Worth,

I am a Sun systems administrator with four years of PC support and two years of Unix system administration experience. I work in a large international organisation and have sole responsibility for supporting a network of Solaris machines comprising 30 servers and 70 clients. Of the servers, two are production Sybase servers and four development Sybase servers, thus my role involves some elementary SQL work.

I perform network backups on NT and Solaris platforms as well as backup administration. Eleven of the Solaris servers handle data from four incoming live feeds, updating real-time databases, which Solaris clients subscribe to for various data elements. Our sub-netted network utilises NIS+, which I administer and support.

I've done various software installs and of course Solaris installs/upgrades and patching. I carry out shell scripting where possible to assist in system maintenance, and help diagnose and resolve performance problems.

Support of the Unix network includes all system, hardware and software issues. I perform remote administration via PPP connection when necessary to both Wellington and Auckland sites.

I perform some NT user administration, support of Microsoft applications, customised company applications as well as Lotus Notes user problems.

My formal education includes a certificate in business computing (nine modules), certificate in PC servicing and Solaris system, NIS+, and advanced system administration, shell scripting and TCP/IP network administration.


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