US company to make NZ-invented 3D monitors

Hamilton-based Deep Video Imaging is soon to begin major production of its 3D flat-panel monitors through a US company.

Deep Video Imaging is soon to begin major production of its 3D flat-panel monitors through a US company.

The Hamilton firm has struck a deal with a company in Houston, Texas that has already made prototypes.

DVI general manager Gabriel Engel says the firm has an initial capacity to make up to 1000 a month, but within six months will be able to produce 10,000 a month.

"Production starts as orders demand. We are building them up now. High-volume production begins early next year," he says.

The announcement follows news last week of DVI linking up with another US firm, Appian Graphics of Seattle, to help distribute the devices.

Engel is presently in the US trying to make other deals for the company's 3D technology, developed in Hamilton.

He says he has just had a "positive" meeting with Disney, which may lead to DVI technology being used at Disney theme parks around the globe.

The Seattle arm of games company Nintendo has also met with Engel to discuss using 3D imaging for displaying DVI's goods in trade fairs, and he is meeting Appian Graphics distributors in Seattle.

"There will be a manufacturing contract as well as a distribution contract for North America," says Engel.

"Our strategy is to produce where the end user is. That way we can produce the greatest level of support," he says.

Engel says he hopes the deals will be worth millions to New Zealand and help DVI attract the attention af major manufacturers like Samsung and Sony.

He expects his company's annual sales will increase to $100 million by 2005.

The worldwide flat panel market, worth $43 billion in 1999, is expected to grow to $163 billion by 2005.

Engel says the two deals follow on from the Siggraph trade fair in New Orleans in August.

Last month the company said it had signed a deal with a Singapore company to develop and manufacture its LCD screens for Asian markets.

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