First job, sole charge

I am an IT/IS consultant for an international publishing company based in Auckland.

Dear What am I Worth?

I am an IT/IS consultant for an international publishing company based in Auckland.

My job covers network administration, user support and training for 45 users, 50% using Macs and 50% using PCs and all associated applications (such as Citrix, NT Server, design apps etc). I also handle purchasing/upgrading of software/hardware, company Web design and basically everything associated with IT in the company.

I am employed by my boss who consults for the company I work at. He has basically passed the responsibility of it over to me, and if anything major happens I can ask him for assistance. I work alone without other IT assistance.

On weekends, I also work to help my boss maintain another ten sites, if needed. This is my first official IT job - I have six months of experience (designing,developing and constructing a training application) after my Bachelor of Applied Information Systems (with training/support major and honours).


IT @ Manpower replies: Stick at it. It's your first job and there's lot's more to learn before jumping ship. Salary-wise a degree should get you started on about $32,000 so after a year you would be going through $35,000 (earlier for exceptional results) and aiming at passing $40,000 after two years (also earlier for exceptional results). Get into a big company if you want to improve your opportunities.

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