AMP Online bank faces problems — it’s not as easy as it seems

Olympics Online - the good, the bad and the ugly; Spectrum Auction Produces Excitement

AMP’s online bank has admitted its site has been inaccessible for long periods of time and has had slow connection speeds for some time now. It seems providing an online secure banking service isn’t as easy as it’s made out.

AMP admits Web bank trouble - IDGNet

Internet bankers have to pay for 100% uptime, says AMP - IDGNet

Olympics Online — the good, the bad and the ugly

The New Zealand athletes may not be doing as well as we’d like, but our IT sector is keeping the Games up and running from a technology point of view. Between our Web developers and content providers and our cellular phone software companies, the Sydney Olympics are just as much the Kiwi Games.

NZ company eases mobile strain at Olympics - IDGNet

First Fatso the Wombat, now this... - IDGNet

Kiwis steer Games to web glory - NZHerald

And when we don’t help them out, our Aussie comrades are unable to even meet their own legal requirements.

SOCOG faces damages over Web Site - IDGNet

Channel 7 ponders Olympic domain future - IDGNet

Spectrum Auction Produces Excitement

It may be far from the finish but the government’s 2GHz spectrum auction is proving most entertaining, especially since Walker Wireless and Telstra Saturn have begun what looks like a tit for tat round of outbidding. The previously staid 3G end of the auction has exploded in a flurry of bidding and counter-bidding that has seen newspaper publisher INL getting very hot under the collar and bidding nearly $12 million for one of the 3G spectrum slots. Quite what it would do with the spectrum if it did buy it is anyone’s guess.

Spectrum auction bids reach govt expectations - just - IDGNet

INL’s own site reports on the bidding — apparently an increase in advertising spending means they have some money to burn.

INL adds its weight to spectrum auction - Stuff

For the real action, check out the auction’s own Web site — have a look at the MR Summary page which outlines the latest round of bidding. There are four rounds each working day.

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