NZ W2K Datacentre vendors gear up

Major hardware providers are gearing up to sell Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacentre Server, which hit the country last week.

Major hardware providers are gearing up to sell Microsoft Windows 2000 Datacentre Server, which hit the country last week.

The high-end server operating system will be sold by vendors whose hardware has been certified as suitably robust, including Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Unisys and IBM.

Unisys has already taken orders for the new OS and is supplying it to Foodstuffs, which will use it for e-business, and another local customer on new Unisys ES7000 servers, hardware specifically designed to run Datacentre.

Unisys servers spokesperson Christine Carpenter says Datacentre is on the strategic path for many of Unisys’ customers. She says it will be used for ERP and e-business applications and consolidation of NT servers.

Unisys will have an ES7000 running Datacentre at its technology centre in Wellington where it can do proof of concept and demonstrations. Carpenter says at least 16 local support staff will be trained on the product and calls will also be escalated to the United States.

Compaq's services arm is setting up a team responsible for implementing Datacentre and has staff in training in the US, Australia and Singapore, says Auckland-based services director Simon Tong. It will also escalate calls to a dedicated Datacentre solutions programme run from the company’s server division in Houston.

Compaq is recommending its eight-way Proliant servers with SAN storage add-ons as the hardware platform for Datacentre. Tong says 32-way servers are in the wings.

“If you’re looking at multi-node clustering and it’s a mission-critical environment then Datacentre is suitable.

“We think it’s a very important product for us and it sits with our strategy to enable e-business.”

Compaq is talking to half a dozen organisations about the product, says Tong.

“There’s a process they need to go through to understand how it might be used. If it’s truly mission-critical, we’ll probably see those people picking it up.”

Dell New Zealand head Ross Allen says Dell servers are running Datacentre in "about three sites" already.

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