First PalmOS virus no threat

First PalmOS virus is no threat; Update for Windows Media Player

The Virus & Security Newsletter compiler is on vacation and attending the Tenth International Virus Bulletin Conference in Orlando this week. Fortunately little of great import has happened, so this week's report is very brief.

Virus News

First PalmOS virus discovered

A few weeks after the discovery of the first PalmOS Trojan Horse program, the "Liberty Crack" (reported in Virus & Security News four weeks ago), the first true virus for PalmOS was discovered. Like many

firsts in teh virus world, PalmOS/Phage is an overwriter which destroys its hosts by replacing part of their code with itself. This virus has not been reported in the wild and is not expected to be.

News article - Infoworld

Security News

Update for Windows Media Player

Microsoft has rfeleased an update that fixes a relatively trivial denial of service attack against Windows Media Player. The attack is rather convoluted, depending on an RTF-enabled e-mail client (such as Outlook and Outlook Express) and the ActiveX Windows Media Player control. This attack is not known to be in active use at the moment and the worst result of it would normally involve crashing the e-mail client. This can be rectified by restarting the e-mail program and deleting the "problem" message.

- Microsoft Security Bulletin and FAQ

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