Jackson film to be sold online

The Film Commission has for the first time granted worldwide Internet marketing rights to a title it owns.

The Film Commission has for the first time granted worldwide Internet marketing rights to a title it owns.

The film is a half-hour documentary called 'Good Taste Made Bad Taste' by Tony Hiles, which depicts the making of the Peter Jackson film Bad Taste and also covers the director's first film-making efforts as a child.

It will be sold from a dedicated Web site with the profits to be shared by Hiles, the commission and the Wellington developer ClickSuite.

ClickSuite's Emily Loughnan says her company and Hiles approached the commission - which funded the original documentary - with the Website proposal, and got the go-ahead two weeks ago.

"They were very amenable, very interested in the experiment. We said we'd build the site for a return on the sales, so the three parties are sharing income," says Loughnan.

"They've given us worldwide rights to market it on the Internet, which is a first for a New Zealand film. There are a couple of rogue sales of various things, but it's the first time the Film Commission has officially signed away home video distribution via the Internet."

The only hitch has been pre-existing home video rights sold to distributors in France and Germany. Jackson fans who try and buy the video from those countries will get a message explaining that they can't.

The site will include a small video download from film, but Loughnan says her company has had to be "reasonably careful with it, because this the only independently-owned imagery of Peter Jackson. Everything else is in his stable.

"It's a rogue film from his point of view, so we've been very careful to not set it up as anything other than it is, and we're not giving away images from Bad Taste the movie or anything like that. We have the rights to use them within the film but we've been very careful about how we do it."

The company has also been careful with domain names as intellectual property. The name badtaste.co.nz has been registered and will point to the Website, but it will be officially marketed as http://www.goodtaste.co.nz . The site is set to be launched this Friday, but a holding page with a link to an email notification address is already there.

Loughnan says she expects the documentary to appeal to "a very geographically dispersed audience -- there's a lot of interest through a whole lot of different Websites and discussion lists devoted to Peter Jackson. And as soon as the site's up we're going to hit all those sites with the news that they can buy a film about him."

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