Lack of formal qualifications could be a drawback

I am a financial controller and webmaster working for an Auckland record label.

Dear What am I Worth I am a financial controller and webmaster working for an Auckland record label. I am responsible for Web site overhaul, maintenance and security, looking after all aspects including programming, design, graphics manipulation. I have grown up with computers and learned most of what I know through home use, using a wide range of Microsoft products, from early versions of DOS through Win 3.1 to Win 95-98 and NT4 and Office. Using these in a desktop setting or small network is my specialty. I can also diagnose many hardware faults, including printers. My qualifications include completing one Certificate for Advanced Computer Users (three months at level 4) and finishing five papers of the Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Diploma (level 5). My experience began by programming the cash register at a service station, and also providing support for the desktop computer and printer there. I have worked successfully in a small computer retail and service centre for two months (a lot of level 3 support), three months on contract at the computer helpdesk team at MidCentral Health (level 1), and a further five-month contract at the Ministry of Education on its helpdesk (level 2). In my present job, I run peer-to-peer NT4 workstations. I have taught myself many facets of webmastering, including creating Macromedia Flash content for the site. I plan to move to Wellington next year and will initally look for a contract position. I will also begin studying towards an MCSE before the move, planning to complete the exams within six to 12 months, depending on what contracts I can gain.

IT @ Manpower replies: I hope you finish at least one of your qualifications or you'll get a reputation. How did you become a financial controller? What contracts are you aiming for? I think you need to get some solid experience behind you. A webmaster can earn anything from $40,000 to $60,000, or $35 an hour to $55 an hour, but length of contract and company matters. Also lack of formal qualifications may slow you down unless you have top design skills. General NT4 support work would pay a similar contract rate, but I'd have to review your CV to work out the best position for you.

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