Telecommunications Inquiry Report Calls for Regulation

Microsoft to push prices up/Buys into Corel/Fibs over TV; Copyright Fights Back

Hugh Fletcher’s inquiry team has handed over its final report — it calls for an industry Forum and a Commissioner to be established to remove the need for the telcos to run to the courts every time they disagree. Telecom hates it, and vows to use all its power to sway the government from adopting the recommendations. Vodafone is also less than thrilled because the report looks at the cellular market as well as fixed line. But just about everyone else in the industry seems to love the report.

What's in the report? - IDGNet

The nuts and bolts of the report itself

Inquiry takes hard line on Kiwi Share - IDGNet

Telecom can’t charge anyone for making local calls to the Internet, says the report

Bouquets and brickbats for the inquiry - IDGNet

A round up of reaction to the Inquiry report

Regulation would benefit users $372m annually , says researcher - IDGNet

Microsoft to push prices up/Buys into Corel/Fibs over TV

Microsoft has also been in the news of late. Not only has it pushed up prices because of the falling dollar but co-founder and uber-nerd Paul Allen is set to leave the company he helped create. Microsoft also bought itself a chunk of Canadian rival Corel as well. Oh, and it seems Microsoft may have stretched the truth a tad about the number of partners signed up to its interactive TV platform. There was something about the whole DOJ trial as well but then there always is.

Allen to leave Microsoft board - IDGNet

Microsoft invests $US135 million in Corel - IDGNet

Microsoft stretches truth over TV "partners" - IDGNet

Microsoft hikes business pricing, citing weak dollar - IDGNet

Copyright Fights Back

Between anti-pirates crushing CDs in Aotea Square, Napster duking it out in court and a new US patent law that aims to stop the registering of “obvious” patents, it’s been a busy week for legal beagles around the world. The message is clear — intellectual property is big business, whatever side of the freedom fence you sit on.

Pirate booty ends in public execution - PC World

Injunction stayed, Napster rolls on - PC World

Equipment failure knocks Napster offline - PC World

Achieving what dozens of legal minds couldn’t, a technical hitch stopped Napster dead in its tracks

Net Patent Bill Introduced - Wired

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