Ihug to lay off 60 staff

Netgate and Xtra get Ddos'd - an ongoing campaign; Telecommunications Quickies - the Inquiry aftermath, AAPT and Clear

After a tumultuous year that saw not one but two merger deals fall over, Ihug has capped it all off by announcing it will lay off around 60 of it’s more than 200 employees. Blaming the falling kiwi dollar, Ihug buys its bandwidth in US dollars, the country’s third largest ISP has called for volunteers before culling staff across the board.

Ihug to shed about 60 jobs - IDGNet

Ihug cuts spark takeover claim - NZHerald

NZHerald speculates on rumours of a buy-out

Ihug reviewing operations after currency woes - Stuff

Netgate and Xtra get Ddos’d — an ongoing campaign

The country’s external Internet access was severed by a series of distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks. Netgate was forced to shut down its US link after attacks from upstream, while both Xtra and Ihug report attacks across their networks. Concerted effort or bored kids off school? Apparently this isn’t the first attack, although there are more reported during the school holidays.

Telecom also suffered an outage on its ADSL network — reportedly only for five hours, however some reports put it at much longer than that.

BREAKING NEWS: Netgate and XTRA Ddos’d

IDGNet — the original story as it happened

DoS attacks flood in

IDGNet — the full story comes to light

Cyber-raid hobbles web users - NZHerald

Telecom suffers five hour ADSL failure - IDGNet

Telecommunications Quickies — the Inquiry aftermath, AAPT and Clear

Telecomms is all the rage at the moment — the Inquiry Report has been both lauded and bashed from all corners this week. Minister of Finance Michael Cullen almost told us to forget about a Commissioner, but not quite. The Ministry of Economic Development told us to stop whining as we have a world leading knowledge-based economy and we can thank the telco environment in New Zealand for that, so what’s the problem? Telecom has announced it will pay $7.25 a share to buy out the rest of AAPT in Australia and Clear has launched a new toll service, ZTalk, that bills in 15 minute blocks, charges for customer service calls and will, it hopes, increase the consumer voice traffic side of its business.

Careful with telecomms tinkering, says govt report - IDGNet

Clear woos free ISP customers to voice - IDGNet

Telecom rides the slippery slide - NZHerald

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