Sex files: The truth (about love) is out there

A new sex education website featuring a 'tip of the week' has been launched in Auckland.

A new sex education website that even has a "tip of the week" feature has been launched in Auckland. discusses all aspects of sex and relationships in "a frank and informative matter."

The website also uses strong colours, fun graphics and simple language to get the message across that sex should be "safe, responsible and enjoyable."

Sex Files has been launched by Auckland Sexual Health Services and the 'everybody' consumer health information website developed with the Heart, Asthma, Respiratory and Arthritis Foundations and similar groups.

It is targeted at teens and their families.

Auckland Sexual Health Services director Rick Franklin says the website's launch is timely following recently announced growing gonorrhoea statistics.

"We need to teach young people how to look after their sexual health because sexually transmitted infections are a major cause of chronic pain and infertility. The key is open communication and education," says Dr Franklin.

"While sex education has long been part of the school curriculum, as a society we are still shy about addressing sexual issues."

The results, says Franklin, is that while young people are quite well informed about the mechanics of sex, they are less savvy about where sex fits into relationships, how to keep themselves safe, and what to do when things go wrong.

"What we need to do, is inform them on how to look after themselves in the real world, in the context in which they are living," he says.

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