"Deadly" toxin sites revealed online

Forty 'deadly toxin sites' have been revealed on the net in a new campaign by Greenpeace.

Forty "deadly toxin sites" have been revealed on the net in a new campaign by Greenpeace.

The protest aims to force the New Zealand government to demand the end rather than a reduction of the use of dioxins at an upcoming international meeting.

Greenpeace says its website contains accessible information previously buried in a Ministry of Environment report.

And by telling people where the sites are, they can then have their say over the issue.

The website reveals who owns the toxic dump, the local council, member of parliament, and the level of pollution at each site.

"The toxic map then allows individuals to take immediate action by writing a 'cyberletter' to the local politician and the Environment minister at the click of a mouse," says media co-ordinator Margaret Taylor.

The website campaign follows other Greenpeace campaigns on the issue outside parliament last week.

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