Nick Wood: it's "war" - but no more casualties

Further 'structural changes' foreshadowed in a leaked email from Ihug boss Nick Wood to his managers will not involve redundancies, says Wood.

Further "structural changes" foreshadowed in a leaked email from Ihug boss Nick Wood to his managers will not involve redundancies, says Wood.

"Of course there are changes, it's an ongoing business," says Wood. "But we've made our structural changes and they were publicly documented from a personnel point of view. We're not planning on doing any more of that."

In a confidential memo from Wood to his senior management team, headed 'A Wake Up Call!', obtained by IDGNet, he says Ihug "will be making some changes in the structure of our organisation so we can WIN and we will discuss this with you soon."

In the memo, Wood says Ihug is in a "war" for survival in the increasingly competitive ISP market.

Wood acknowledged to IDGNet that the memo would have been "an internal rark email that I send from to time to the management. We've obviously got someone internally who likes to tell the press what's going on. Obviously someone's not very happy at having people made redundant, but that's the way life goes."

Ironically, Wood berates his managers in the memo for discussing "information of a confidential nature" with staff and family members and promises to "swiftly deal to" those who fail to toe the line.

"This is a serious business," says Wood in the memo. "In fact we are in a war and I expect and in fact demand a much more mature approach from you all. I also expect you to have educated your team members and make it clear what is for debate in staff forums and what is not, and lead by example.

"You are management - you are required to support the company and do what serves it best, no matter what your personal views are. If you cannot do this then I suggest you consider other employment."

In the memo, Wood says the current restructuring at the company – which will see 60 staff either laid off or taking voluntary redundancy – has highlighted the lack of "diplomatic skills" amongst his management.

He urges his managers to focus on the issue of "the survival of Ihug and what is supposed to stand for".

"We are fighting to make sure 300 of us still have jobs and the company continues on to greater success in the current highly competitive environment. I will not have anyone stand in the way of this. I will seek you out and remove anyone who is not for the team and our goals."

Wood urges "team interaction, supporting each others' goals instead of empire building and buck passing" and asks his managers to actively work to "maintain morale thru this difficult but unavoidable time".

"We all caused this situation, there is not one person who cannot escape blame for the situation we are in," says Wood, adding that if he and his staff "had all worked a little harder, had less network problems, better customer service, better applications to reduce problems, better marketing ideas that actually worked [and] better fiscal control so we were more able to deal with the market changes," the company might not be facing restructuring now.

"We can all however solve the problem together," Wood concludes. "By taking it up a level and shooting for excellence while being economic, by designing better solutions that cause less extra work , making the network more reliable [and] investing some money in our loyal customers."

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