Telecom comes up with new JetStream offer

Telecom has announced a new level of JetStream service aimed at luring the mainstream dial-up user into the broadband world.

Telecom has announced a new level of JetStream service aimed at luring the mainstream dial-up user into the broadband world.

JetStream Home will run at 256Kbit/s for both up and downloads and will be capped at 500MB, 1GB and 2GB. The new offerings, which will be available in 30 days, will cost $39.95, $49.95 and $59.95 respectively, not including ISP charges.

Telecom online and internet marketing head Chris Thompson says the move is aimed at the mass of users who are not highly technical.

"We've done extensive research around this issue and discovered that nearly half our users don't use more than 500MB in a month." Thompson says it's these users that the new service is aimed at rather than heavy users who have already discovered the joys of video or music downloads or large software installs.

"They're more interested in the 'always-on' aspect, being able to use the phone while on the PC, that kind of thing."

Telecom will maintain its existing entry-level product JetStream Starter at $29.95; however, that service only runs at 128Kbit/s.

"That's more for the user who's into file sharing, using lots of traffic on a flat rate without the uncertainty of getting a large bill at the end of the month."

Telecom will also launch an email alert service that will tell users when they're approaching their monthly traffic limit.

"If people are moving over their limit it's only $10 to move to the next level so it's probably more cost effective to do that than to pay per megabyte." Thompson says at the moment Telecom can only charge in monthly blocks. However, it hopes to change that. Thompson also says the company will introduce more system tools and services around the JetStream product family to ease user account management.

Thompson says Telecom looked hard at the question of charging a different rate for national traffic versus international but in the end decided that for the type of user the company is targeting with this product, it wasn't worth while.

"Even on XtraMSN it's a mixture of local and offshore product. Click on a link and you're at MSN and suddenly paying international rates. Users don't want that complexity."

Thompson says Telecom will also begin incrementally introducing new features to the broadband service in the near future.

"We're more about getting things to market as quickly as possible."

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