Makin' bacon at Flying Pig

Makin' bacon at Flying Pig; Southern Cross Cable Offers Broadband for All; Plus the Latest Spectator Sport to hit the Internet -- Presidential Elections

The tails and trotters flew this week as the country's leading but troubled e-tailer Flying Pig was sold off to publishing house IT Media. IT Media, which publishes NZ Rugby, NZ Fishing and Rip it Up among others, is keen to see the e-tailer become a leading part of its business portfolio. Tim Connell, executive director of IT Media, says the brand may be "stretched into new online properties" whatever that means.

BREAKING NEWS: FlyingPig sells up - IDGNet

This is the story as it happened -- as reported on IDGNet

Rough landing for Watson's flying e_tailer - NZHerald

The Pig has Flown -

Fortunes across the Tasman were no better as Aussie software developer Solution 6 laid off its entire Auckland development team of 20 people. This follows the company's failure to buy Sausage Software and the revelations surrounding the managing director's drug convictions. Solution 6 did successfully buy Auckland-based accounting-software developer exo-net in August for$A30 million.

Solution 6 staff laid off - NZHerald

Southern Cross Cable Offers Broadband for All

New Zealand's largest ever capital project, Telecom's much touted Southern Cross Cable project, is due to go live on November 15. While initially it will only offer 25 Gbit/s bandwidth, this will increase to around 120 Gbit/sec in January.

The cable is expected to cater to New Zealanders growing passion for data transfer well into the next decade and replaces the Pac Rim cable which was designed before the internet became the worldwide phenomenon it is today.

Let there be light - IDGNet

Southern Cross Cable launches next week - Stuff

Meanwhile the country's third largest ISP Ihug has rolled out its broadband platform Ultra to Christchurch in an effort to take broadband out of the commercial sector and into the smaller centres.

Ihug: we'll close the digital divide - IDGNet

Ihug cuts in Christchurch high-speed service - Stuff

Latest Spectator Sport to hit the Internet -- Presidential Elections

Will it be Al or will it be George? Who cares, but it makes for great viewing online. Not only can you catch the latest round of astonishing news from the US at (Gore to sue over Buchanan votes -- live on Larry King) but you can also see the official sites themselves, if you can get in of course. Midday New Zealand time should see the final wrap up -- give your network connection a workout and see if you can't help crash the internet.

Government site focus of surreal US election - IDGNet

Ongoing coverage of the election on a minute-by-minute basis including videos so you can listen to the result come in as you read this.

New York Times has an interesting piece on how the US broadcast media coped when they didn't know anything -- you'll need the free log-in and password to read the story but it's a small price to pay.

High Drama Unfolds on Anchor Desks - NYTimes

For the local slant try TVNZ's site for breaking news - Nzoom

Some Florida citizens got to vote electronically -- we have two stories on the impact of the internet on the election.

Some Florida Voters cast Critical Votes Online - IDGNet

E-voting impacts US election cliffhanger - IDGNet

NOTE: In last week's FryUp I pointed to stories on the Herald web site. I had some difficulty in accessing the stories, getting an error message: "The page you requested is no longer at this address". After some discussion with the Wilson and Horton Interactive staff it turns out the Herald site is rather than The old address will redirect users to the new site; however links from older stories may not cope with the change. Users should bookmark rather than just

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