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I have been in the computer industry 20+ years, the bulk of which was as an A/P. What would I earn in the UK?

Dear What Am I Worth,

I have been in the computer industry 20+ years, the bulk of which was as an A/P. I have for the past three years been the IT and accounts manager of a medium-sized company supporting 40+ branch PCs (standalone) and a head office LAN.

I am responsible for not only the day-to-day running of the systems but some hardware maintenance, software installations/updates(MS Office, antivirus) and changes to the in-house legacy systems. I am also responsible for producing the monthly sales reports and group accounts for the chief executive.

I have both programming and support experience in distribution, accounting, medical laboratory and point of sale systems. I can program in Cobol, VB6, C, UniBasic and Pick Basic. What are my prospects in the UK?


Martin Ward Anderson replies: I do not have details of your visa status, but I would recommend a permanent job from the information I have. This would mean you would need UK residency.

If you have this visa the prospects for work in the UK are good, the market is very strong and supply of experienced IT professionals is not keeping up with demand. I imagine a systems manager role would be of interest and pay would be between £30,000 and £35,000.

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